Job Opportunities

Nutrition Educator

Ideal candidate will assist us in providing nutrition information in low-income communities; in a classroom or group setting, health fair or promotional event. Certification is a 'plus'; however, we will train the candidate that has some nutrition education, either formally or self-taught, is outgoing and approachable so that the audience will feel comfortable asking questions. As a nutrition educator, it is important to keep the audience engaged and excited throughout the presentations. The nutrition topic or activities to get them involved will be made available in your 'EventBox' along with a recipe for a smoothie tasting or simple food demo so they can try healthy foods, during event and create the same at home. Since, nutrition is an ever-changing science and it is important for the candidate to keep up with the latest research and trends to provide effective information. Read nutrition books or magazines (some can be provided), talk to others in the field and continue to learn and research nutrition information frequently; must be able to accept suggestions on how to continue build skills and able to learn from any mistakes. Overall we specialize in intuitive and mindful eating and helping clients have a healthier relationship with food; so, any cooking, gardening, related skill experience or education is A+. Must be committed to the vision and mission of Plant Harmony Health Center, must be able to provide your own transportation.

Brief Summary of Skills and Qualifications: Presentation Skills, Nutrition, Health Promotion and Maintenance, Training Management, Listening, Quality Management, High Energy Level, Teaching, Tracking Budget Expenses, Food Research, Written Communication

Salary: $25.00 to $50.00 /hour

Other Job Types Available: Cooking Demonstrator, Lead Generator

Commissioned Jobs available with Monthly draw and 30% commission

Lead Generation Specialist

$1,000 a month - Part-time, Contract, Commission

We are looking for someone to call our leads and generate new leads to help keep our special event nutrition business going to the next level. We are nutritionist that do nutrition, cooking demos and kids cooking parties, as well as other related events. We get leads from the events that need to be followed-up on and we need a person that will cold-call and request dates.

We have hired two event specialist, recently, since business has been progressing; but, we need to keep them working; so, we need someone to make the calls that have the skills to get agreements to having an event at their location - sponsors are available - the lead generator must keep generating work for us to go to the next level. Looking for a person to call or email the present contacts to continue having events booked at their location and get additional business by offering discounts or free events to new locations. An outline of services we provide and script will be provided and you will be expected to read some lines when you call. This is a commisison draw job

Job Types: Part-time, Contract, Commission

Salary: Up to $1,000.00 /month


    • Telephone Skills A


   • High school


   • English Spanish Russian Korean Chinese


   • Morning & Afternoons